Recipe Ansies Omelette

Special regular customers have their own special wishes. Such a customer is Ansie. She wanted a real cheesy omelette. And when other customers see this omelette being served to Ansie … “Can I have that”? ….

It’s a simple recipe:

Pour 2 beaten eggs (with salt and pepper) into a pan and cook until set.

Place fried bacon on one half and a handful of cheese (we use real cheddar) on top. Fold over, sprinkle some more grated cheddar on top, and serve with onion marmalade, a few slices of tomato and mushrooms sprinkled with chopped parsley.



The Family YUM-smile

eating out with a yum smile

The Family YUM-Smile. From left to right: Beulah, Mariska, Francois and Johanné. In the background Sharon.

20 Years ago Francois and Mariska spend their honeymoon in the Hobbit House in Bloemfontein, at the time owned by Esther and Jake Uys. Anno 2015 Mariska and Francois live in Stanford and so do Jake and Esther. And what more: the then honeymoon couple has such a good memories about the food and their stay at the Hobbit House that, once moved to Stanford sometime ago, there was no doubt about where to eat out in the village. “Esther was at that time already a great chef, always perfecting her old world recipes”, tells Mariska. “Like most people I can make an omelet or a lamb wrap but it won’t have the YUM-magic”.