Y-pasta2There are those occasions that YUM Eat Cafe is in an Mediterranean mood. When there is pasta on the menu for example. Here a recipe from a Spanish customer living in the heart of Italy.


60 ml olive oil

250 g chorizo sausage sliced

400 g cocktail rosa tomatoes

250 ml cream

170 g pitted black olives

salt and pepper

500 g penne pasta

How to make it (isn’t that simple?)

y-pasta1Heat olive oil in a deep pan.  Fry the sausages for approximately 5 minutes while stirring.  Add tomatoes and fry until soft. Add cream and season with salt and pepper.  Cook until cream is deglazed.  Add olives and mix.  Cook pasta, pour sauce over.  Mix well and serve immediately.

We offer also a variety with bacon instead of chorizo:

Enough  for 4 people. Serve with YUM-smile. 


Bloemfontein stories

South Africa has a culture of story-telling. ‘Bloemfonteiners’ are a special breed amongst the story-tellers. Esther and Jake are the previous owners of The Hobbit in Bloemfontein; it was the home of J.R.R. Tolkien in the first years of his life. Esther and Jake met all his children visiting the place of birth of their famous father and The Hobbit was once mentioned as the ‘Numero Uno’ guest house in South Africa. Every now and then people from Bloemfontein are visiting the previous proprietors of The Hobbit and when they start telling their stories ….


So many great reviews from all over. Here is another one:

“What a gem! Mr and Mrs Uys are a phenomenal team and the passion and flare into their business is exhibited from the moment you’re warmly greeted right through to the amazing flavour and presentation of the food and drinks. So glad to have found this place and will be back every time i pass through Stanford. HIGHLY recommended that you stop here!” – Steven Hayman (tour guide USA)


Customer service

(Esther entertaining the daughter of a customer in the playground adjacent to YUM Eat cafe)

The YUM-Smile

A Swiss couple who rented a house in a nearby town for a month in January discovered where they could eat the best French Toast in the region. The last week of January Antonio and Desiree were daily breakfast guests of YUM and soon got acquainted with the staff and their YUM-Smiles. Sharon taught them the refined art of The Smile.

Bet they are still laughing in their village near Schaffhausen along the Rhine.