YUM Recipe: Hamburger Patties

It's real; it's YUMmy

It’s real; it’s YUMmy

What you need:

500 g lean mincemeat

75 ml  whole wheat flour

50 ml milk

5 ml salt

2.5 ml barbeque spice

2.5 ml paprika

5 ml mustard powder

2.5 ml mixed herbs

5 ml baking powder

1 egg

10 ml tomato sauce

10 ml chutney

125 ml finely chopped onions

10 ml chopped parsley


What you do:

Mix ingredients together. Important is to knead the mix using your hands.y-patties1

Form into patties. 4 – 6 patties

These patties can be frozen and defrosted before use.

Serve on bun and dress with caramalised onions, lettuce. tomato slice(s), chips, etc.


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