What you need:


1 litre water

salt and black pepper

250 ml polenta

40 g butter


15 ml butter

500 g mushrooms cut in quarters

4 baby leeks

125 ml cream

15 ml basil pesto

salt and freshly ground black pepper

50 ml olive oil

50 g parmesan cheese

handful watercress

fresh basil leaves

What you do:


y-polenta5Bring water to boil.  Season with salt and pepper. Take pot off stove and add polenta slowly while whisking with a balloon whisk.  Place pot back onto heat and simmer for 5 min until thick.  Butter a dish of 19 x 15 cm.  Pour polenta into dish and leave to cool.  Cover with cling film and keep in fridge until needed.


Melt butter in pan and fry mushrooms for 5 min.  Add leeks to mushrooms and fry until soft. Season with salt and pepper.  Add cream and pesto and simmer open until sauce thickens. 

The Finishing Touch:

y-polenta3 y-polenta4Cut polenta in blocks of 9 x 6 cm and place on a baking tray with the olive oil.  Grill in oven until golden brown.  Place polenta on plate and spoon mushroom mixture over.  Sprinkle with parmesan cheese and garnish with watercress and basil leaves.


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