The finishing touch of the YUM Chocolate Cake


An awful lot of work goes into the creation of your chocolate cake. The finishing touch is done by Selestine. She first sculptures the chocolate on top (see main picture). Then the ‘cherry-on-top’ and next proportion it. When an order comes in Selestine makes work of the serving. Yes a lot of work goes in making the customers happy and we are glad that we can keep them happy.


4 comments on “The finishing touch of the YUM Chocolate Cake

  1. Wow, amazing master piece. Love the whole entire process, you guys put so much thought and love into your delicious offerings! The fork trick is out of this world, I have never seen something like it, brilliant idea I wish I could live there, probably I would show up every day at your place!!!
    It is morning here and I just having my coffee and looking at this delicious master piece, I can almost taste it! Nevertheless at least I can look at it till I finish my cup of coffee. Thanks for showing your creative process, it is very special. Talented and beautiful people you are!

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