Coffee 11: Re-use of Coffee-grounds

Y-cappucino-2Jake Uys, co-owner of  YUM Eat Cafe, loves his coffees. He creates the tasteful coffee creations; preferable slow-brewed and sometimes with a time-consuming manual finishing touch. The beans are on his specification roasted at the Beanery in Hermanus and per coffee-order ground on the spot. Every speciality coffee needs its own ground, exact weight, water temperature, etc. Weekly, every Tuesday, Jake writes his coffee post for this blog. Starting with the history and ending with the perfect ‘Latte’. The first four postings were excerpts from Wikipedia about history, cultivation, processing and brewing. This is the final episode!!!

Recycling or re-use of coffee grounds in your garden is an ecological sound idea. It stimulates a healthy garden.

1) Pest repellent

Sprinkle used coffee grounds around your plants to protect them against snails and slugs.

2) Fertiliser

Acid loving plants like roses, azaleas, hydrangeas and camellias love the nitrogen, magnesium and potassium rich used coffee grounds.

3) Compost

Coffee grounds make an excellent ‘green’ matter as they are rich in nitrogen and worms are always attracted by coffee grounds.

4) Caffeine for carrots

If you love carrots and coffee you’re in business. Add coffee grounds to the soil when sowing carrots. It gives the plants a boost and it also keeps some unwanted pests away


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