Recipe: Fish Curry

What you need:

YUM Eat Cafe fishcurry8

2 kg fish portions

750 ml vinegar

400 g sugar

4 onions

6 pepper corns

10 diced peaches

25 ml turmeric

12.5 curry powder

10 ml salt

4 bay leaves

75 ml corn flour

25 ml water/lemon juice mix


Salt and pepper the fish portions and sprinkle the portions with a bit of water mixed with lemon juice. Dip in flour and fry in shallow oil until cooked. Place on absorbent paper. Keep a bit of vinegar aside. Add the rest of the ingredients in a pot and cook for 15 minutes with the lid closed. Mix corn flour with vinegar to a paste and add to the ingredients in the pot. Cook for a few minutes till think and glossy. Layer portions and pour sauce over each layer. Let it stand for some time for the flavours to develop.

It’s also possible to preserve it in jars or to store this curry in a freezer.


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