Coffee 8: Espresso types

Y-cappucino-2Jake Uys, co-owner of  YUM Eat Cafe, loves his coffees. He creates the tasteful coffee creations; preferable slow-brewed and sometimes with a time-consuming manual finishing touch. The beans are on his specification roasted at the Beanery in Hermanus and per coffee-order ground on the spot. Every speciality coffee needs its own ground, exact weight, water temperature, etc. Weekly, every Tuesday, Jake writes his coffee post for this blog. Starting with the history and ending with the perfect ‘Latte’. The first four postings were excerpts from Wikipedia about history, cultivation, processing and brewing.

Espresso is firstly the method of brewing coffee, secondly it is the coffee produced by the brewing method, and lastly the style in serving that coffee.Cappuccino for instance can’t be called an espresso because of the volume of milk added.

There are many espresso types.  I will discuss some of the more favourite ones. Espresso (normal)  is made of 6 – 8 grams of very finely ground dark roasted coffee extracted at high pressure just below boiling point.  The amount of coffee, 40-50 ml, served in a 60 ml cup. Espresso Macchiato is a normal espresso with about 15 ml/1 tbsp foamed milk on top. Espresso Ristrotto.  It is also a basic espresso, served in a espresso cup.  The volume is restricted to 25 ml.  Ristrotto is strong, because you use the same amount of coffee, but less diluted with water! 

Espresso Romano

Espresso Romano

Espresso Romano.  A normal espresso served with a piece of lemon peel. 

In Brazil a cafezinho is served with a slice of lemon. A cup of normal espresso brewed with a alcoholic spirit or liquor is called a espresso correto – in Northern Italy the espresso is corrected with grappa. A double dose of espresso brewed a two-group filter holder and dispensed in a cappuccino cup (150 ml) is called an espresso doppio – twice the caffeine with less dilution! Espresso con panna is made the same way as a espresso macchiato – the only difference is the addition of whipped cream instead of foamed milk. Espresso lunga or café Americano we talked about when we did the Americano Coffees a few weeks ago – I can refresh your memory by saying 50% espresso, 50% hot water in a 150-175 ml cup.

I hope you found the espresso types interesting!  I am sure there are some more types you can think of on your own.


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